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Carolyn grew up in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and feels grateful to be shaped by mother nature and her elements. She was raised by a fierce mama bear and a wise kind-hearted father, and grew up alongside her two sisters and brother. Her niece is one of her greatest teachers, and she is her husbands greatest fan.  


As a young girl Carolyn spent hours in the mountains, adventuring through the mud, snow, rain, and sunshine. When she was younger she danced ballet and highland, and this is where her love of creative expression and her curiosity of mind-body connection started. As she grew older, her love of the mountains and speed, captivated her attention and fostered her love of downhill ski racing. While her interest in competition has lessened, her love of skiing has never wavered. 


As a teenager and young adult Carolyn experienced major depression and severe anxiety. Her journey through this experience is what sparked her life long curiosity and interest in mental health. Amidst inner turmoil, at the age of 16, Carolyn started yoga as a physical outlet and quickly noticed the healing affect it had on her whole being. Her curiosity in understanding the system of yoga and it’s healing properties guided her towards yoga teacher training. 


Wanting to better understand her own experience, and how she could better support herself and others on their human journey, Carolyn studied psychology at the University of British Columbia, and recently went on to complete her Masters of Counselling in Psychology at Athabasca University. 

She is forever infatuated with nature and the intelligence it beholds, and spends her time outdoors connecting to the elements. She has travelled several times to Peru and taught in the heart of the Amazon, working and self-studying with plant medicine. 

Lover of music, creativity, and movement, Carolyn enjoys playing her guitar, moving, and creating. She has a love for words, poetry, and writing which she loves to share. 


Carolyn has a kind heart, a gentle soul, and an incredible capacity towards empathy. She is curious about other peoples stories, about life, love, connection and the truth. She is playful, wise and intuitive and believes all humans have the capacity to unearth their most authentic selves. 

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