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Contradictive. Human. Me

My name is Carolyn Shaw. I am a counsellor, yoga teacher, student. And many other things that I am still discovering.

I am the middle child. A recovering people pleaser. A lover of movement and rhythm. An outer space enthusiast. A seeker of truth, of the root, of the cause. And believe that the present moment is the only truth we might ever find. I am inherently contradictive, because I am simply human. I believe in many things all at once, and somedays in none at all. I like puzzles and making things make sense, although I also believe non-sense is sometimes the only kind that makes sense at all. I love love, and used to fear it. I can be quiet, but feel big, and think loud. I’m salty, spicy, love laughing but there were days I couldn’t remember how. I both love and hate big crowds. And I have a big empathetic heart, but I’ve learned to stand my ground.

I’ve experienced the depths of my own hell, and crawled my way back. I’ve created myself, destroyed myself, and l’ve earned to love it all. I’ve felt the wrath of shame, and I’ve learned that talking about my humanness reminds me that I am strong. I’ve been avoidant, and have attached myself to people, places, bad habits, and all. I love going fast, and believe learning to move slow can be a powerful call. I believe in neuroscience and spirituality, modern medicine and the divine. I love the subtle potency of self-compassion. I find freedom through self-discipline. And both help me to create a sense of structure from within.

I love silence and punk, creating space and collecting junk. I love animals and occasionally eat meat. I waiver between covering my body and wanting to feel free. My hair has been black, brown, blonde and pink. I love writing, music, and believe in the power of plants. I’m totally inspired. Somedays I’m beyond tired, and one thing I don’t waiver on is that we are all born from love. From a source that is within you, and me. I believe, and have seen, the incredible wisdom that is within our DNA and genes.

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