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Thoughts on Sexualization & Commodification of Womxn & Yoga

The commodification and sexualization of womxn’s bodies within the realm of yoga, and the movement world is very real. I want to make something clear and I’ll speak for myself but know it applies for many. What I choose to practice yoga in has absolutely nothing to do with my sexuality or the desire to be seen as, or representative of a sexual object. This ideology is born within the oppressive system of patriarchy. The idea that womxn must be trying to seek sexual attention or sell themselves based on the way they dress. This sexualization and commodification is a function of our capitalistic society (developed through patriarchy) which uses the exploitation of womxn’s bodies and shame of those same bodies to operate in the cyclical way it does.

For those that choose to uphold the commodification/sexualization of womxn’s bodies by shaming womxn for their clothing choices, or expressing their body... or imagine, celebrating their body.... I encourage you to question where this comes from and what system of oppression you are enforcing?

It saddens me to continually see womxn being shamed, for choosing to wear their skin. This fuels the ideology that womxn are seeking nothing but sexual attention, and it minimizes womxn to a sexual object.

Perhaps instead, we could start assuming just maybe...said womxn feels good in their outfit, likes the fabric, the way it feels, the way they feel in it, the way it supports them, it’s practicality or function, and doesn’t actually give an F if they’re found attractive or not....instead of assuming the intention is sexual, or ... ‘she must be looking for it’

There is a lot of “be authentically you...but not like that” these days. To actually practice radical acceptance is too welcome all of it....even if the intentions behind someone’s outfit are sexual a) THAT IS 💯 OK! (lets stop shaming human sexuality) And b) it can be a reflection of our deeply rooted capitalistic system that teaches womxn this how we are meant to be seen, and hence keeps the system working. If we feel the need to shame anyone, look at the system. ❤

I also acknowledge that this is a layered with multiple sides. But in general, we can do better.

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