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M.C./500 R.Y.T

yoga | psychology 

 a heart based mind. 

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What I believe.

I believe liberation lies in unearthing our truths,

freedom transpires through radical acceptance,

and that magic is found in connection to others and earth.

I believe in the intelligence of the body

and that if we bravely listen to it's whispers,

we can heal. 

I believe our deepest pain is the entry point

to our greatest gifts; and that the journey is

powerful when we walk it together.

I believe in the potency of a heart based mind. 


With Love,


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What I beleive.
What I do.

What I do. 

I am a Counsellor and Yoga Teacher in Canmore, Alberta. My interest lies in the innate potential we possess to transform, develop, and heal. 


Through connection and self-compassion, I support clients in tapping into their inner wisdom, rediscovering their intuitive selves, and overcoming obstacles that get in their way. I support healing and growth through the capacity as both a counsellor and yoga teacher, and always through a heart based mindset.

I offer counselling services, yoga classes, workshops and events, and work alongside the incredible team at Canmore Counselling to offer their Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher trainings

I am inspired by so much, and I love to create through writing, poetry, and words.

I share them here on my blog page. 

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 a heart based mind. 

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